Songs about Corvids

musical crow
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Here is the current playlist, the names are clickable and will allow you to purchase the track or album from Amazon should you wish to support the artist :

Crow by Zora Neale Hurston (Not Available on Amazon)

The Magpie’s Nest by Alasdair Roberts

Blackbird / Bye Bye Blackbird by Sara Gazarek

Here Comes My Blackbird by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band

Black Crow by Diana Krall

So The Blackbirds And The Bluebirds Got Together by Keith Nichols’ Jazz Artists

Blackbirds by Linkin Park (Not Available on Amazon)

Blackbird by Skully (Not Available on Amazon)

As the Crow Flies by Meg Hutchinson

Magpie To The Morning by Neko Case

Blackbird / Bye Bye Blackbird by Keith Jarrett

Black Winged Bird by Nina Persson

Blackbird by Sarah McLachlan

Crowswing by Nocrows

Blue Jay by Paul Strausman

The Magpie’s Tale by Phil Hardy

Black Crow by Shemekia Copeland

My Black Bird by Tam Echo Tam

Bye Bye Blackbird by Etta Jones

The Crow by Tracy Huffman

Fly Low Carrion Crow by Two Gallants

Hawks and Crows by Ben Weaver

Blackbird by The Beatles

Two Birds by Regina Spektor

Bird Song by Florence + The Machine

Echo Park Ornithology Club by Jericho

I will definitely add more as I come across them. Some are repeats, just sung in a different way or by a different artist. =) And, thanks to Seamus, a fellow blogger, who found some more corvid songs. You can check them out here.