Common Raven Nestling and Egg

I found this photograph on flickr as well (my new favorite place to find great corvid pictures!) and I had to share it. Look at them! They are soooooooo cute. They look like baby dinosaurs.

While I have your attention, let me share a little story about baby ravens with you. I discovered this stuff while reading “Mind of the Raven” by Bernd Heinrich. In case you are debating on whether you should check it out, you definitely should. Back to my point…

When ravens are babies, also known as nestlings, they require an enormous amount of food and parental care. Ravens need a lot of protein to grow healthy and strong. In his book, “Mind of the Raven“, Heinrich tells us what he fed six nestlings at about five weeks of age:

Day One: One woodchuck and one snowshoe hare

Day Two: Three red squirrels, one chipmunk, six frogs, eight chicken eggs (crunched up shells and all)

Day Three: Two gray squirrels, five frogs, six eggs, six mice

Day Four: One hindquarter of a Holstein calf

That is ALOT of food! OMG!

He goes on to describe how a few days later EACH of the nestlings could eat six woodfrogs and two mice IN ONE FEEDING! And then they’d be ready in an hour or two to eat the same amount! This is outrageous. Now, I feel infinitely guilty for only feeding them two pieces of bread. Goodness!

Young Ravens needs A LOT of care, food, and attention. Our hats go off to the raven parents. And we highly suggest you DO NOT take baby ravens as domestic pets unless you have an enormous amount of time, energy and determination and the resources needed to provide the adequate diet needed for them.

I will write more about nestlings and fledglings in future posts, keep your eye out for them!

Crow Stuff

I found a couple of links that have great information about the crows, even the difference between a crow and a raven. You should check them out…

A graphic showing the difference between a crow and a raven:

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