Welcome to Corvid Corner

When you hear people discuss crows or ravens (or their cousin-birds), you quickly realize people’s reactions to these birds are relatively strong; they either adore them or despise them. We know there are people who do not much appreciate the corvids. They think they are savage, dirty pests. There are websites dedicated to complaining about them, even instructing people on how to kill them (GASP!). We are on the other end of the spectrum. We love these beautiful birds. They are infinitely fascinating and amusing. We are unabashed corvid ((Corvids are also also known as crows, ravens, magpies, scrubjays etc.)) -admirers and we have decided to share our admiration of these intelligent and quirky birds with anyone who is interested.

We hope you enjoy our site. Please, look around, read, learn and share with us your thoughts. We would love for you to email us your corvid stories or pictures or any information you have that is not posted here. We will be adding information as we go along. Thank you for coming to visit, please come back often.