Crow Cam Update

The crows love their peanuts! =) I enjoy watching them and feeding them. They are clever creatures. They have taken to letting us know verbally when they want food, particularly if they can see or hear you. Here are some pictures from the last few feedings.

In this gallery you can see that we put peanuts out and it was only one crow eating for awhile. He was enjoying his full reign over the peanut bowl. He took his time, cracking the peanuts open, eating them and then getting another. He stuck around on the porch a lot longer, lingering in his good fortune. This lasted for about 45 minutes until the afternoon bunch of juvenile crows showed up… they like to come early during the afternoons. They are loud and aggressive, cawwing at one another and chasing the other crows off. They came and harassed him but at least he got some peaceful eating time before they showed up.

Profile in Curiosity

Profile in Curiosity

Originally uploaded by Robinsegg

Another great photo by Robinsegg. Aren’t they beautiful birds?

I am learning firsthand how picky they are about what they eat as well. It is a common (yet wrong) assumption that all birds like set foods and that most birds of the same species will like the same kinds of foods.

Corvids really are individuals. They each like something different. We’ve been testing with The Crow Show exactly what they like to eat and each of them has a different preference. Peanuts are next to try. I’ll let you know how it turns out.