A Crow at a Scarecrow Festival

In St. Charles Illinois they have the “St Charles Scare Crow Festival“. Over 100 custom made scarecrows are displayed and voted upon. There is lots of entertainment, food, drink and fun to be had. I am not much for scaring off crows but I found one entry rather ironic…

Photo found on flickr -- uploaded by RuggerJoe (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ruggerjoe/1539127072/in/set-72157602359145704/)


To the right

to the right

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What a great photograph, eh?

I know I have not been blogging much but I haven’t forgotten the crows. I feed them daily and have gotten some great photos (this is not one of them — someone on flickr took this one!). I will post the newer photographs soon.

We’ve taken to feeding them by hand…dropping the peanuts as we long along the trail. The crows follow a little bit behind and pick them up. We have some photos. I will post them soon.

Interesting tidbit for today:

In Ohio, a town has decided to celebrate crows in an exhibit called “Living with Crows”

This is an art exhibit all about crows. They are so common but far from ordinary. =) I would LOVE to see this exhibit!

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For more information:


on the corner of 3rd & Mulberry Streets
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