Meri C. Fox-Szauter (Crow artist)

A wonder colored pencil/ink artist contacted me to share her work and I would like to share it with you. Here are a couple of examples of her crow art or art involving crows,

Original art by Meri C. Fox-Szauter (
Original art by Meri C. Fox-Szauter (

You can enjoy more of her work at her website Wall of Thorns¬†or on Facebook. Here is her artist’s statement from her website,

Artist’s Statement

Everything casts its own shadow; light, emotion, time. We move through these shadows day in and day out, and we shape our lives accordingly. I have long been fascinated, as artists are, by the effect of light on objects and the shadows they cast. But I have also studied the shadows that echo from strong emotions, the comparatively peaceful ones that emanate from the quieter, calmer emotions.

Sunlight leaves an interesting array of shadows as it moves over a potted plant, or peeks over the edge of the ocean to strike Otter Cliffs. A peaceful evening or a dance in a gentle wind also are worthy of attention, and therefore I spend my time attempting to catch these moments of light, shadow, reflection and introspection.

Tell her how much you appreciate her art and let her know that you seen her work on Corvid Corner (no, there is no commission for me…just to let her know where you saw her work.)

Crows and Stained Glass

Crow lovers are talented, unique and artistic as well. We came across some really beautiful stained glass works with crows. They are shareworthy. The history of stained glass is a complicated and as elusive as the history of the crow. Both have sustained the ravages of time, perservered—thrived. Both are majestic, beautiful lending to a perfect coupling. I would love to have some stained glass windows with crows in them. Here are some of my favorites:


The following are from Steve Brims:

We also found a stained glass project for kids! It is from Aesop’s Tale The Pitcher and the Crow. You can get it here.