What is Corvid Corner?


This is one little corner of the internet for corvid lovers all around the world to collaborate and share information. Corvid Corner is a place you can come to read about your favorite corvids, to post pictures or drawings, random information, videos etc. We will also share anecdotes, news, and research with you as we find it. We hope to one day become the go-to-place for all corvidae lovers or people simply seeking information about crows, ravens, jays, magpies, rooks, jackdaws etc.

We are not experts, we are simply crow afficionados. We will try to ensure every piece of information or picture is credited it to its original source. We will use creative commons, GNU Free Use media as well as our own work as much as possible. When we do not, we will ensure our soures are cited. We genuinely want to learn more about these wonderful birds and share what we learn with others.


We would love to see your corvid pictures, videos or read your anecdotes. Read a good article, book or paper about Corvids and want to share?

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