The Crow Girls

After the fantastic response to my audio recording of Charles de Lint’s Make a Joyful Noise (listen to it here), I decided to make a concerted effort to find all the literary references to these two magical characters, the Crow Girls. I have read them in various stories and books of Charles de Lint’s. I will revisit his books again to comb through them to find where and when they appear. If you know of any off the top of your head, please leave a comment and I will add them to this post.

The first reference that comes to mind, aside from Make a Joyful Noise, is in The Onion Girl. This is one of my very favorite books by Charles de Lint and includes other amazing characters like Jilly Coppercorn who I believe everyone should have the opportunity to get to know. Another couple stories or books I remember reading about the Crow Girls were in Someplace to be flying, Triskell Tales and Triskell Tales 2 (available only for 2nd hand purchase). I will list all the pages where the Crow Girls debut soon. In the meantime, I found these wonderful references or stories about the Crow Girls around the web…

The Crow Girls (art) by Erin Kelso

The Crow Girls (fan art by Erin Kelso)

Character Connections Charles de Lint by The Introverted Reader — This is an interesting character connection and delightful description of the Crow Girls textually supported. =)

A Crow Girls Christmas by Charles de Lint and his wife — This is both a short story AND a wonderful artistic rendition of the Crow Girls by his wife, Mary Ann Harris. Click on the title to go to Charles de Lint’s website to read this charming short story!

The Crow Girls Christmas (art by Mary Ann Harris)
The Crow Girls Christmas (art by Mary Ann Harris)

More to come soon…