Crow Cam Today =)

We put out peanuts without shells today for the first time. They were a hit. The crows like not having to open the shells and they attracted two more kinds of birds as well. =) Fun!

The crows seemed to be done for the day. The bowl was still about 1/4 full but they flew off. However, when a stellar jay showed up and started eating some of the peanuts, they came back cawing and trying to scare him off. He flew away but then when they flew off, he flew back. It was rather comical to watch. =) I think the new peanuts attracted him.

The Crow Cam

The Crow Cam October 27th
The Crow Cam October 27th

We now have a crow cam!!! YAY! We have it set up in our window and we leave food out for the crows to eat and it records them. This has been most fun to watch. Live CROW TV!!! Just what geeks like us like to do.

OH! Yes! The Crow Cam!!! 24 hours a day but we can’t stream it live yet or ever probably. We can however share little snippets (5-10 second video clips). This is exciting for me and I hope it is to you as well. I will start by sharing a bunch of the clips from the past few days. I have also been taking notes (and will be sharing them in posts) on my observations of their preferences, behaviors etc.

So what do crows like to eat? We had our guesses…raw hamburger (mince meat), McDonalds, bread and after that we were sorta clueless. We started to experiment. I will blog about this in a separate post.

Still shots via the cam:

Videos (Double-click on the video to get it started):

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