Someplace to crow about…

The Crow & Gate Story

In 1972, The Government of British Columbia introduced changes to the beverage industry to allow neighbourhood pubs in the Province.

Jack Nash, an ex-patriot from Sussex, England, built The Crow & Gate Public House on ten acres of scenic property in Cedar, near Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. In doing so The Crow & Gate Pub became the first neighbourhood pub in British Columbia. Now a well-known landmark and favourite destination for locals and tourists alike.

Construction of The Crow & Gate Pub entailed great attention to detail. Pegged beam & plaster, exposed beams, massive stonework open fireplaces, heavy wood trestle tables and, throughout, clad with authentic pub memorabilia from the U.K. all creating an ambiance only otherwise experienced if you take a trip to the South of England.

After 15 years, the Olson family took over the stewardship of The Crow & Gate – maintaining, restoring and improving the Pub to its present day splendour.

Some more photos of the Crow and Gate by flickr member yumiang:




Crows and Stained Glass

Crow lovers are talented, unique and artistic as well. We came across some really beautiful stained glass works with crows. They are shareworthy. The history of stained glass is a complicated and as elusive as the history of the crow. Both have sustained the ravages of time, perservered—thrived. Both are majestic, beautiful lending to a perfect coupling. I would love to have some stained glass windows with crows in them. Here are some of my favorites:


The following are from Steve Brims:

We also found a stained glass project for kids! It is from Aesop’s Tale The Pitcher and the Crow. You can get it here.