The Bothell Crows

Thousands of crows roost on the University of Washington Bothell campus every night.
Thousands of crows roost on the University of Washington Bothell campus every night.

I have always loved crows. And recently I learned about the tens of thousands of crows that roost at the Bothell campus of the University of Washington. Of course, I had to go check it out. I don’t think any number of pictures or videos I share will help share the experience with you. It is just something you should experience for yourself. They covered trees. They covered rooftops, they filled up light posts, the goal posts on the field. They flew around by the hundreds. There were literally crows everywhere. After dark, they descended upon the field itself with the lights shining down on them. It was like the most raucous, fun bird party ever. And they do this every night! The sounds they made are indescribable. It was really amazing to experience.

Some might think it is straight out of a horror movie, but for me, these crows are fascinating. I was in awe for hours watching them gather. They met up like old friends and family at the end of their day. They flew in from every direction–from far away. While I was on my way to the campus I felt like one of the crows going towards the great meeting place. It was just really something I cannot explain well enough. I can’t do it justice.

I think I’ve found the place I will visit as often as possible.

That said, here are some links for more information.

  • Crows on Campus (University of Washington page on the crows)
  • Bothell Crows Facebook page (They have their facebook page…they are that big of a deal!)
  • A great video of them (
  • The Experience of 10,000 Crows (The Metropolitan Field Guide)
  • A video about the crows made by The Metropolitan Field Guide (

Plush-crested Jay (Cyanocorax chrysops)

The corvid family is big. I have to start somewhere in these posts so I have randomly chosen the Plush-crested Jay, Cyanocorax chrysops. It is a magnificent bird—so beautiful and brilliant colors. I saw this photograph and it enticed me to pick it!

Plush-crested Jay
Plush-crested Jay

How could I resist such a pretty bird?

It lives in the central-southern part of South America: Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and northeastern Argentina.

The Plush-crested Jay normally live in groups of up to 10 or 12 others. They also are found accompanying the Purplish Jay to feed. The Plush-crested Jay forages actively, hopping and peering about on branches and in foliage. They have a very loud and arresting call, which serves to draw attention to them. Like many corvids the Plush-crested Jay can also mimic other birds and are very sociable. Unlike crows, they are not shy at all.