Album / CD Covers with Ravens

Ravens are also revered in our culture. Much like the crows who adorn our album/cd covers–ravens are a popular icon for musicians as well. Here are some of the album / cd covers we found with ravens:

When the Raven Has Come to the Earth

The Raven by The Stranglers

Raven’s Nest
by Everwood

of the Raven

by Nox Arcana

Seven Ravens: Unvarnished Tales from the Brothers Grimm

Raven in the Snow
by Bill Miller

Raven Flight
by No Man’s Land

Raven by John Williams & Dean Magraw

Of Raven & Ruins Bound to Prophecy

When the ravens fly over me by Dantalion

Odin’s Raven Magic by Sigur Ros

Beneath the Raven Moon by Mary Youngblood

If you know of other albums or cds with ravens (or crows) on the cover art — please email us at corvidcorner at g mail dot com or leave us a message to this post! Thanks!