The Blackbird Of Derrycairn

Spooky Morning Crows, originally uploaded by ::: Davey :::.

Stop, stop and listen for the bough top
Is whistling and the sun is brighter
Than God’s own shadow in the cup now!
Forget the hour-bell. Mournful matins
Will sound, Patric, as well at nightfall.

Faintly through mist of broken water
Fionn heard my melody in Norway.
He found the forest track, he brought back
This beak to gild the branch and tell, there,
Why men must welcome in the daylight.

He loved the breeze that warns the black grouse,
The shouts of gillies in the morning
When packs are counted and the swans cloud
Loch Erne, but more than all those voices
My throat rejoicing from the hawthorn.

In little cells behind a cashel,
Patric, no handbell gives a glad sound.
But knowledge is found among the branches.
Listen! That song that shakes my feathers
Will thong the leather of your satchels.

Written by Austin Clarke

Gorgeous Raven Pictures

I really wanted to share these photographs with all of you the moment I seen them!

According to the photographer, Lars…the story behind these photographs is that they “were driving the wild, winding and steep roads of the mountains of Gran Canaria when they came to this spot where they sold chocolate and soft drinks. The view were absolutely fantastic and there was this raven that sat on the wall towards the steep fall to the sea below. It was obviously quite tame. Perhaps it was accustomed to get small bits of food from the tourists that stopped every now and then.”