A group of birds…

It is all in a name…groups of birds have different names. Here are some of the corvidae group names:

  • A group of Jays are called a band, a scold or a party of jays.
  • A group of Magpies are called a tiding(s), a charm, a flock, a gulp, a murder, a mischief, a tittering, a conventicle, a tribe, or a congregation of magpies.
  • A group of Crows are called a murder, a mob, a horde, muster, hover, parcel or storytelling of crows.
  • A group of Ravens are called a congress, a conspiracy, an aerie, a murder, a storytelling or an unkindness of ravens.
  • A group of Rooks are called a building, a parliament or a clamour of rooks.
  • A group of Nutcrackers are called a ballet, a booby, a jar or a suite of nutcrackers.
  • A group of Choughs are called a clattering or a chattering of choughs.
  • A group of Jackdaws are called a train of jackdaws.