Blackbird, blackbird…have you any friends?

No, I am a bird. But, if you know anyone who loves to get mail… then you corvid lovers can send them this wonderful card. There are several reasons to do so:

1. It is cute.

2. When you open it, it plays the bird song! How nice is that? (Via the website: Quality RSPB sound card playing real sound of the bird song each time the card is opened)

3. The card is made to help protect the birds!

4. Friends love to get mail. Everyone does.

5. Because it is cute.

RSPB Blackbird Greeting Card
RSPB Blackbird Greeting Card


You can buy it here.

Corvid Jewelry

I can’t help but find these pieces fascinating, I hope you will too!

Silver Bird Skull Cuff Links Crow

Silver Bird Skull Cuff Links Crow by MRD74


Bird Skull Ring Crow Raven

Bird Skull Ring Crow Raven by MRD74


Flat-Black Crow Skull Necklace

Flat-Black Crow Skull Necklace by BillyBlue22


Vintage Style Crow Necklace

Vintage Style Crow Necklace by Sielukka


Crow Bird / Magpie Bird Claw Necklace

Crow Bird - Magpie Claw Necklace by BlackSparrowJewelry


Raven Head Pendant

Raven Head Pendant


Nevermore Black Raven Crow Gothic Broach Brooch Pin

Nevermore Black Raven Crow Gothic Broach Brooch Pin by PennyandPaper


Enchanted Sterling Silver Crow Ring Raven Bird

Enchanted Sterling Silver Crow Ring Raven Bird by JesaJewellery


Hat wearing Christmas Crow

So cute!

Made by IndigoTwin on

According to the artist who makes these, ((

This is “Charlie” and he loves all things shiny! He just found this shiny green bell on his last trip and he’s holding on tightly…..

It is constructed from paper clay and is set on top of a 2×2 inch solid woodblock with the number “4”. It is 9 inches tall to the top of his striped hat. He is also individually hand painted and antiqued in shades of navy, turquoise, white and red. He holds a green metal bell in his bead and has a white and red striped hat on his head. The wood block that he stands on is protected with a felt base, lightly dusted with gold glitter and each piece is signed and dated by the artist.

Crow Ornaments

For the corvid lover in your life (and maybe for yourself) there are always ample gifts related to crows. Here are 10 crow  ornaments for the upcoming holidays (or anytime)!

1. Christmas Crow Paper Clay Ornaments by IndigoTwin (on Etsy)

Ornaments made by Indigotwin on

2.  Trio of Haute Crowture Ornaments by LittleLaLaOriginals

3. Pair of Black Glitter Crow Christmas Ornaments by LittleLaLaOriginals

4.Primitive Stuffed Crow Ornament at Kruenpeeper Creek Gifts

5. Hand-carved Crow Ornament by David Frykman

6. Vintage Crow Ornament on Ebay

7.  Crow and Moon Halloween Ornament by Lisa Monica Nelson

8. Crow Ornament by LinMar Treasures

9. Wool Felt Crow Ornament by UrbanPaisley (on Etsy)

10. Brilliant Blue glass ornament Hand Painted Crow with gold and copper leaves by xXSnapDragon (on Etsy — and she has more crow AND raven ornaments for sale too!)

Ten, mostly hand-crafted crow ornaments for all crow-lovers. Great gift ideas for collectibles or for the holidays. And a great way to support artists and artisans!