There is an artist named Beth Surdut who specializes in the art and story of Raven. She would like to invite all those who love corvids, particularly ravens, to to her solo exhibition of intricate drawings and stories opening at the Randall Davey Audubon Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The show runs through August 9, 2010.

The Ravens of Truth and Memory © All images in this post are copyrighted by Beth Surdut. Do not copy or use any of them without her permission.

The artist, Beth Surdut, said this about the above ravens (The Ravens of Truth and Memory),

The Norse God Odin sent two Ravens out each day–one named Truth (Hugin), the other Memory (Munin). Here, Memory allows Truth to gently pick through her feathers until both birds shine.

As with The Ravens of Truth and Memory each of her raven drawings has a unique story that you can read on her blog. Each has a life beyond the paper and the pens the coloring and shading, in the imagination of those who are able to see them and read their stories.

You can also view her beautiful work on her blog and her website

And a special request to all corvid lovers who have stories to share about the raven. Beth Surdut “collects raven stories of spirit and science and would delighted to share and hear from [our] readers.” You can leave your comments / stories below or you can message her personally at (tell her you read about her work at CorvidCorner so she knows who you are…)

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to the right

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What a great photograph, eh?

I know I have not been blogging much but I haven’t forgotten the crows. I feed them daily and have gotten some great photos (this is not one of them — someone on flickr took this one!). I will post the newer photographs soon.

We’ve taken to feeding them by hand…dropping the peanuts as we long along the trail. The crows follow a little bit behind and pick them up. We have some photos. I will post them soon.

Interesting tidbit for today:

In Ohio, a town has decided to celebrate crows in an exhibit called “Living with Crows”

This is an art exhibit all about crows. They are so common but far from ordinary. =) I would LOVE to see this exhibit!

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For more information:

on the corner of 3rd & Mulberry Streets
Coshocton OH 43812 map 740.622.0326