Fan-tailed Raven

Today, I decided to introduce the Fan-tailed Raven officially known as the Corvus rhipidurus. This corvid is native to Eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is much smaller than most other corvids at around 18 inches long. It has a thick bill, short tail and large wings. It looks thinner than the Common Raven and is completely black with a purplish-blue gloss in the right lighting. If it is an older Fan-tailed Raven it can appear slightly coppery-brown.

Their voice is described as guttural croaks mixed with the sound of frog-call.

It lives in desert or open dry country that includes crags for nesting. It is one of the most aerial of birds traveling huge distances in search of food, its large wings being adapted to gliding on thermals in a rather vulture-like way.

The Fan-tailed Raven eats insects, invertebrates, grains taken from other animal’s dung, human food scraps, parasites of other animals and garbage. It will also eat a variety of fruit.

I like this bird. It is interesting, too bad I live so far from it. Does anyone you know or do you live near it? Have any stories you wish to tell?