Lecture on Crows by John Marzluff

You might have heard of this fellow, John Marzluff. He is a professor at the University of Washington who studies crows. He is the one who led the research with the ability of facial recognition by crows. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. Yes, crows can recognize a person’s face and teach other crows to learn it as well. They have an elaborate way of communicating, one we cannot comprehend YET! =)  John Marzluff has written a few crow related books (one will be released in June of this year!). Here is a lecture on crows I found…check it out…

Corvid Jewelry

I can’t help but find these pieces fascinating, I hope you will too!

Silver Bird Skull Cuff Links Crow

Silver Bird Skull Cuff Links Crow by MRD74


Bird Skull Ring Crow Raven

Bird Skull Ring Crow Raven by MRD74


Flat-Black Crow Skull Necklace

Flat-Black Crow Skull Necklace by BillyBlue22


Vintage Style Crow Necklace

Vintage Style Crow Necklace by Sielukka


Crow Bird / Magpie Bird Claw Necklace

Crow Bird - Magpie Claw Necklace by BlackSparrowJewelry


Raven Head Pendant

Raven Head Pendant


Nevermore Black Raven Crow Gothic Broach Brooch Pin

Nevermore Black Raven Crow Gothic Broach Brooch Pin by PennyandPaper


Enchanted Sterling Silver Crow Ring Raven Bird

Enchanted Sterling Silver Crow Ring Raven Bird by JesaJewellery


Crows Board Game

Who knew?

From the manufacturer:

Crows are smart, but they have a weakness for shiny objects. You have a shiny object, but so do your friends. There are too many shiny objects demanding the crows’ attention! Crows is the debut title for new designer Tyler Sigman and it will be officially released at the Spiel in Essen 2010. Players take turns placing tiles and then positioning their shiny objects to attract the most crows. Crows flock to the shiny objects based on simple rules. It’s going to take some wits to attact the most crows! When the deck of tiles has been exhausted, the player who has the scored the most points wins. Crows is a game for 2 to 4 players aged 10 and up and takes approximately 45 minutes to play. The game has been translated from English to French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish.

You can buy this fun board game here.

Curious Crow Jewelry

Oh! A wonderful artist named Wendy contacted me over the weekend to share with me two new pieces of crow jewelry she and her sister Jenny make together (CuriousCrow Jewelry) and I tickled to share them with you.

Crow Leather Bracelet Etched — Comes in Red, Brass, Copper or Nickel

Handmade Crow bracelet by CuriousCrow Jewelry on Etsy

This was the description of the bracelet,

Crow leather bracelet etched on red brass, riveted to 11/16″ medium brown leather cuff.

I call this one, “My Crows”… I love crows and everyday I have up to about 9 crows that have been coming for breakfast for the past 3 years. I call to them in a loud and high pitched voice, “heeeere crow” (yeah, go ahead and laugh) and most times, I hear them kawing back to me and fly in to eat. What can I say? I love ‘my’ crows!

In honor of them, I have designed this etching with 9 of my dark feathered friends. : )

Your choice of metal: Copper, Brass, Nickel
Your choice of leather: Dark Brown or Medium Brown
– Let us know which you’d like in the notes section when you check out.

Width of leather: 11/16″
Height of etching: 11/16″ approx
Width of etching: 2″
Snaps and rivets are antique brass colored or antique nickel color.
We will make it to fit your wrist. Just measure your wrist snug (not too tight), and we will add 1/2″ to it. Just add it to the notes section when you place your order.

We can also make custom bracelets with words or phrases of your choice. If you would like a custom made bracelet, please convo us.

Please allow 2 days for production, not including weekends or holidays.


Crow Necklace Pendant

Crow Necklace Pendant by CuriousCrow Jewelry on Etsy

The description reads,

Our crow design is offered etched in red brass on a sliding, adjustable leather cord.

It has a heat patina and has a nice warm gold color.

Pendant Size: 1″ circle
Leather Cord: 1.5mm
Adjustable from 12″ to 25″

Have an image or words you’d like etched? We can do that for you (Words are free, images will be an additional $5). Just convo us to let us know.

Etching on the reverse is an additional $5.
Please go to this link to add the etching to your shopping cart:

Crow Art by Barbara Ansley-Vensas

A local (to Washington State) artist Barbara Ansley-Vensas makes multimedia art and she has a few different crow prints… you can see them below…

All rights reserved by original artist Barbara Ansley-Vensas
All rights reserved by original artist Barbara Ansley-Vensas
All rights reserved by original artist Barbara Ansley-Vensas

You can see and purchase her work on her website.