Crow Jokes

A little feathered-funnies…

Q: What do you call four crows milling about on the side of a road?
A: An attempted murder!

Q: Why should you never let a crow use your telephone?
A: Crows like to make long distance caws!

Q: Why do crows never receive a busy signal when they call each other on the telephone?
A: They all have caw-waiting!

Q: Where do crows congregate to have a cold one?
A: The Crow Bar! (And some of the bad crow guys hang around amidst the crocus (crow-cuss)!

Q: What is the name of one coin in the corvine monetary system?
A: A caw-ter!

Q: What do geese watch on TV?
A: Duckumentaries.

Q: What do you call a mischievous egg?
A. A practical yolker.

Q: What do you call a crow’s mother???

Q: What do you call a watch worn by crow in a photo?
A. Photo-cro-ma-tic

Q: What does the crow take to work in his thermos?

A. Caw-fee.

Q: What did the crow do when he didn’t want to go to work?
A. Caw-ed in sick.

Q. What did the crow do when he was tired of the disco?
A. Caw-ed it a night.

Q. What ages-old crowd-rousing technique did the crow learn in church?
A. Caw and response.

Q. Why do I make up really bad crow jokes?
A. Just be-caws.

Q. Where do crows come from?
A. Croatia.

Q. What is crows favourite game?
A. Croquet.

Q: Why did a scarecrow win a nobel prize?
A. He was outstanding in his field.

Q: What did the crow use to waterproof his nest?
A. Caw-king!

Q: At Christmas, who brings presents and toys to all good little crow girls and boys?
A. Santa Caws!

Q. What is an albino crow called?
A. Caw-casian

Q. What is the most popular FPS among crows?
A. Caw of Duty

Q. What do teen crows do after highschool?
A. Go to cawlege

Q. What is a crow’s favorite software?
A. MiCROWsoft cawffice

I understand that a crow has one less pinion feather than a raven. Therefore how do you tell a crow from a raven? It’s a matter of opinion.

Blackbird, blackbird…have you any friends?

No, I am a bird. But, if you know anyone who loves to get mail… then you corvid lovers can send them this wonderful card. There are several reasons to do so:

1. It is cute.

2. When you open it, it plays the bird song! How nice is that? (Via the website: Quality RSPB sound card playing real sound of the bird song each time the card is opened)

3. The card is made to help protect the birds!

4. Friends love to get mail. Everyone does.

5. Because it is cute.

RSPB Blackbird Greeting Card
RSPB Blackbird Greeting Card


You can buy it here.

Happy Valentine’s Day Crow Lovers

For Valentine’s day I look for pictures of crows and hearts… here are a few of my favorites…


Crow with Heart by Susan Jenkins

Art by Susan Jenkins
Original art by Susan Jenkins (

A Knowing Feeling by Rebekah Raye

Original Art by Rebekah Raye
Original Art by Rebekah Raye (


The Messenger I by Heather Palleiko

Original art by Heather Palleiko (
Original art by Heather Palleiko (

A Crow at a Scarecrow Festival

In St. Charles Illinois they have the “St Charles Scare Crow Festival“. Over 100 custom made scarecrows are displayed and voted upon. There is lots of entertainment, food, drink and fun to be had. I am not much for scaring off crows but I found one entry rather ironic…

Photo found on flickr -- uploaded by RuggerJoe (