Jackie – Avebury’s Albino Jackdaw

A kind man named Andrew brought to my attention Jackie, an albino jackdaw, who lives in the trees of Avesbury (in the UK), the largest stone circle in the world, in SW England.

Avebury Stone Circle, originally uploaded by Quentin C.

As majestic as the place is the albino jackdaw, locally named ‘Jackie’, who lives in the woods nearby this mystical place. Here is a picture and a video of Jackie kindly sent to me by Andrew (thank you Andrew!),

(Photo Source: Andrew Collins)


(Photo Source: Andrew Collins)

According to Andrew,

Jackie was first spotted on June 29, and is about two months old now. Obviously,  being at such a magical place is significant, especially as white animals with red eyes were seen as guides to the otherworld in Celtic mythology.

Fantastic point! Thanks again Andrew! Here is the video he shared with us,