Welcome back and Stamp Sunday


It’s been awhile since we posted. Sorry! We haven’t given up our love for crows, life just gets busy. We are back now and look forward to posting more regularly. We saw this beautiful crow by the waterfront. I wonder what he was thinking about…such intelligent birds. As it is a Sunday, we will throw in a corvid stamp — and start a new tradition — Stamp Sunday! Hope you enjoy!

Raven Stamp from Russia
Raven Stamp from Russia

4 thoughts on “Welcome back and Stamp Sunday

  • You write “Just look at him” and “I wonder what he was thinking about.” What do you have against female crows? You don’t know the ones you are seeing are male. It’s fine to use “it.” I do, all the time, and my tribe of corvids doesn’t care. They are fine with “hey you” or just cawing.

  • Hi I have had a crow for the last 15yrs but because of a family split I need to let cassie go to a rescue centre. Could you help me please.
    Lynn Critchlow

  • Hi Lynn, did you find a rescue centre? I am sorry it took me so long to respond. If you let me know where you are–it’ll be easier to help find the right place. Please email us.

  • Lenna, you make a good point. I didn’t even notice I did that! I will try to be more proactive in using a variety of nouns to be equitable. I certainly don’t know if that crow was a male or female. =) Most corvids do not have much sexual dimoprhism. However, American Crows actually do have some differences between the males and females. Males are larger than females in height, wing length, body length, even their heads and bills at times. The differences are slight (often millimeters), but if you pay attention over time, you can pick up on them. =)

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