Jays poem

Jays by Unknown

“I know an old man,
His name is Jay,
He wears a blue coat,
And a hat of gray.

He has a nice nest
High up in a tree,
Where sits his dear mate
Content as can be.

There are four blue eggs
In the little brown nest,
Which will soon be baby birds
Blue, like the rest.”

23 thoughts on “Jays poem

  • Andree Dubreuil

    July 19, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    A jay in the morning calls my name, a young crow caws at the same time, two morning doves coo, and my day begins, and there is nothing I shall want but my hubby besides me, a cup of coffee and the earnest hope that the songs will go on. Do tell me, is there anything else and beyond.. Perhaps for others, but I am where I belong….

  • Andree Dubreuil

    July 19, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    John Marzluff has writtten a thesis about passion and of an inquisitive search about a human species that has inspired questions about our own perceptions of a bird that makes us uncomfortable because of its presence.. Questions, he has answered,, but to those who have asked….Gifts are not for all…and are only gratefully acknowledged …

  • What a love poem you wrote for the Jay. =) Thank you Andree! =)

  • @Andree, did you read his thesis? Where can I find a copy of it?

  • Andree Dubreuil

    October 12, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I forgot my password and could no longer log in to all the crow lovers, I am so fondly caring of their friendship..all of you

  • Andree Dubreuil

    October 28, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    Well, not so long ago,, I wrote about Cornelius,, the crow,, he is doing well, very well indeed, because he is a wonderful father. October 28th, 2015.

  • Cornelius,, is just fine,, he actually had two girl friends. and guess what.. Ebird has a picture of him. and I, adore them for keeping in touch with all of us Bird lovers..
    Time to celebrate,, this lovely crow.. is 9 years Young,, and I, can remember, when he was just a little lock of feathers.. when he laid next to .. a parent.. who .. had gone to the greater skies…and just left him on his own..
    Cornelius,, knew, when I, would spread. a blanket and eat my lunch.. he was such a,, starving little fellow.. lost touch with him.. for a whoie long time.. and he.. sometimes.. remembers.. long live.. Cornelius.. . I, know,, you hang around.. and when….live on…where ever you go..
    I, will remember you.. in the Shape of an Egg…..

  • Andree Dubreuil, is not on any social medias.. therefore.. SIMPLY SAID.. A;ND A QUOTE FROM ANDREE..
    know.. THAT YOU MUST CARRY ON.. LIFE. BECAUSE.. the very best of your life.. is,, there. LOOK UP!!!
    and .. all can see the light in a wonderful way..

  • many thanks,, for Corvid corner..

  • andree dubreuil

    December 1, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Cornelius,, after many months waiting.. finally, he is back, it is late November. How do I, know.. because 10 years ago.. he was only a fledgling.. and today.. is on the same branch.. Winter, is here.. and somehow.. like every winter
    he will be the same and remain.. His first years, were difficult.. he now is my pride and joy..He, did it..
    and shows that the corvids.. indeed have great memory.. and more important.. as a wild free bird.. .untouched by humans except by geography.
    HIS favorite food,, confirms.. that he is indeed he…….who else.. would point to the branch and peck in the
    hole in the tree, where his surprise would be.. long ago…

  • Birds can be so loyal! Thanks so much for sharing this story with our readers (and us!)

  • And many thanks to you for visiting our site!

  • How fun! Thanks again for sharing updates about Cornelius!

  • Greetings Meg,
    Thought about you and Corvid Corner,
    May, I just take a minute or more and more of your time..

    Just started reading a great book, The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman
    I, just love crows as you may know.. if you get a chance take a look at Tony Angel and his really beautiful, crows and more artwork.

    And,, perhaps there will be another Cornelius,, but Cornelius Y..( interesting reasons why Cornelius
    is.. historically interesting,, see foundations. Vanderbilt, Universities..Cornell ..

    Y.why? you say.. well on the Cornell Live web Cams.. they are asking for submitting a new name for the male.. Red-tailed Hawk,, Lady Big-Red. lost her wonderful Ezra, last year in March.. He was a wonderful mate. and will be missed..

    Oh.. and My Cornelius.. is doing very well and has a new mate..
    I, named her LIVON,, and hopes she will live on.. so I, can write a poem about her…
    nite, nite..

  • Hi Andree,

    Thanks so much for the reply! =) I have heard of Tony Angell! He co-authors (with John Marzluff) a few books I’ve read. I did not know he did art as well! I will definitely check it out! I bookmarked his site already. ANDDDD he is from the Pacific Northwest. Perfect! I do hope you will share the poem once you’ve finished it! Why you chose Cornelius makes sense. Excellent choice in names. Be well and say hello to Cornelius and Livon for us! =)

  • Also Meg. check out VOICI LOKI,, a very interesting crow.. who plays with..
    really cute video..
    Top of the day.. to you..Meg..

  • The bird on Voici Loki is actually a raven..I, am not sure which species however.
    Short video.. type in VOICI LOKI…

  • Dear Meg,

    If you want to see Cornelius in action, defending his territory,,
    Try.. Derring-do dwo .. Feederwatch..by Andree Dubreuil

    and the explanation,, may seem confusing..
    But.. it is not what you look at that is important, it is what you see.. Cornelius,, with a Cooper’s hawk,, two big boys and a very
    smart Cornelius..

    Enjoy Spring 2018 Meg..

  • Meg, I also just wanted to tell you about

    Ray, is great, and every Sunday he has very interesting guests,,
    it is a radio show.. and if you miss his 30 minute interviews, notes
    and surprises.. you can always listen to it.. later on podcasts.

    Did you know about it?

    and Must add,, we had in our region,, about 200,000 snow geese..
    Baie du Febvre, April 13th, 2018 on the internet,should bring some pictures..

    Greetings to Meg,,and all of you who love Corvids..
    from Andree

  • Thank you for the tip Andree! I appreciate it. I am sorry I did not reply sooner. I’ve been busy busy. I hope all is well with you.

  • Thank you so much Andree! Again, I am sorry for my silence.

  • Andree,

    I’ve not heard of Ray’s show. I’ll check out out. Thanks for sharing this with me (and everyone)!


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