Crow Jokes

A little feathered-funnies... Q: What do you call four crows milling about on the side of a road? A: An attempted murder! Q: Why should you never let a crow use your telephone? A: Crows like to make long distance caws! Q: Why do crows never receive a busy signal when they call each other on the telephone? A: They all have caw-waiting! Q: Where do crows congregate to have a cold one? A: The Crow Bar! (And some of the bad crow guys hang around amidst the crocus (crow-cuss)! Q: What is the name of one coin in the corvine monetary system? A: A caw-ter! Q: What do geese watch on TV? A: Duckumentaries. Q: What do you call a mischievous egg? A. A practical yolker. Q: What do you call a crow's mother??? A. CHROMA!! Q: What do you call a watch worn by crow in a photo? A. Photo-cro-ma-tic Q: What does the crow take to work in his thermos?

A. Caw-fee. Q: What did the crow do when he didn't want to go to work? A. Caw-ed in sick. Q. What did the crow do when he was tired of the disco? A. Caw-ed it a night. Q. What ages-old crowd-rousing technique did the crow learn in church? A. Caw and response. Q. Why do I make up really bad crow jokes? A. Just be-caws. Q. Where do crows come from? A. Croatia. Q. What is crows favourite game? A. Croquet. Q: Why did a scarecrow win a nobel prize? A. He was outstanding in his field. Q: What did the crow use to waterproof his nest? A. Caw-king! Q: At Christmas, who brings presents and toys to all good little crow girls and boys? A. Santa Caws! Q. What is an albino crow called? A. Caw-casian Q. What is the most popular FPS among crows? A. Caw of Duty Q. What do teen crows do after highschool? A. Go to cawlege Q. What is a crow's favorite software? A. MiCROWsoft cawffice I understand that a crow has one less pinion feather than a raven. Therefore how do you tell a crow from a raven? It's a matter of opinion.

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