The Three Ravens

I came across an interesting tale, The Three Ravens, it was originally an old English ballad and it has been told in various forms over time.  This is a very different version of The Three Ravens told by Jim Henson’s The Storyteller. You can watch it here…

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Another written version,

There were three crows sat on a tree,
And they were black as they could be.

Said one old crow unto his mate,
“What shall we do for something to eat?”

“There lies a horse on yonders plain
Who’s by some cruel butcher slain

“We’ll perch ourselves on his backbone,
And eat his eyeballs one by one.”

— Sung in the Carolinas in the 1800’s

And another version,

There were three rauens sat on a tree,
downe a downe, hay downe, hay downe,
There were three rauens sat on a tree,
with a downe,
There were three rauens sat on a tree,
They were as blacke as they might be.
With a downe, derrie, derrie, derrie, downe, downe.

The one of them said to his mate,
Where shall we our breakfast take?

Downe in yonder greene field,
There lies a Knight slain under his shield,

His hounds they lie downe at his feete,
So well they can their Master keepe,

His Hawkes they flie so eagerly,
There’s no fowle dare him come nie

Downe there comes a fallow Doe,
As great with yong as she might goe,

She lift up his bloudy head,
And kist his wounds that were so red,

She got him up upon her backe,
And carried him to earthen lake,

She buried him before the prime,
She was dead her self ere euen-song time.

God send euery gentleman,
Such haukes, such hounds, and such a Leman.

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