Crow’s Commentary (a song by CorvidCanine)

I would like to share with you an original experimental metal song by CorvidCanine called “Crow’s Commentary” written and performed by Matthew Borders a.k.a. CorvidCanine. Matthew warns us to listen to it at a low level at first… you can download Crow’s Commentary here.

Crow’s Commentary

Original Artwork by Matthew Borders a.k.a. CorvidCanine

Crow’s Commentary lyrics:

Knocking at your window
But only for a treat
Or perhaps a gleaming treasure
To adore and to keep
Black-blue like the midnight sea
Clever, mischievous master of the sky
Poor human in the window
Who sees not, we share the same tone
In our eyes

Matthew (CorvidCanine) wrote, “the album still has a way to go before it is finished, but I’d like to go ahead and share this song.”

You can learn more about the special project here. Or you can hear all of his music here.

Thank you for sharing Matthew!

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