Two corvid-related sites worth visiting

I wanted to tell you about two corvid-related sites worth visiting both run out of the UK. Each is informative, helpful and specific to corvids.

The Corvid Journal

According to their about page,

This website is a new collaborative project dedicated to bringing you information and insights into the world of a remarkable family of birds, the Corvidae.

The Corvid family is really quite large and surprisingly varied, worldwide. Not all of them immediately resemble the archetypal Crow or Raven we most commonly associate with the group. Some are really quite exotic in appearance. Here, in the UK though, we have just 8 resident members of the Corvid family, the 5 True Crows that are the Raven, the Carrion Crow, the Hooded Crow, the Rook and the Jackdaw and their close relatives, the Chough, the Magpie and the Jay. These 8 species will be the main focus of this site. That said, we hope to find a room for all things Corvid, so along with articles and serious studies we’ll be adding a little fun too.

We plan to write a lot of original material ourselves and publish a number of articles written by people who have had close contact with Corvids. It seems a little pointless, however, to duplicate too much information that has been well documented elsewhere, so if the sources are reliable, of good quality and are clearly presented, we will just link to them with a brief description.

Corvid Aid


This site offers a how-to-guide for helping corvids in trouble, injured crows etc. You can find it here.

You can read in their own words what Corvid Aid is about,

Corvid Aid is a small, independently run corvid sanctuary. We aim to rescue and rehabilitate all corvids in need of our help. The sanctuary is based in West Yorkshire, England and is run by Vanessa Blackburn and her partner Jason Bastow.

Their about page is actually very informative and worth reading. Click on the ‘about’ link above. What an excellent cause to pursue! Thank you Vanessa and Jason for doing something to help the corvid family in the UK and by proxy around the world. You can also read an article they wrote published in the here.

4 thoughts on “Two corvid-related sites worth visiting

  • Vanessa Blackburn

    September 15, 2010 at 6:32 am

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring our sanctuary on your exellent website. It means alot to us to know we have supporters out there!
    Thanks again,
    Keep up the good work,

    Vanessa Blackburn.

    P.s… we will put you a link on the site.

  • Hello Vanessa,

    You are so welcome. Thank YOU for doing the work you do. =) And thank you for putting a link on your site as well. That is nice!

  • Loving your site, Meg and thanks for featuring the Corvid Journal. Much appreciated. We’re linking to you too. It’s great to be creating a little network of Corvid interest sites across the globe and it proves our feathered friends really do have supporters everywhere!

  • How lovely of you to visit and leave a comment. =) I absolutely agree. We should stick together to help our feathered friends. Thank you for all that youu do.

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