Ravens Compete

Ravens Compete, originally uploaded by nordicshutter.

Love, love, love. Ravens like all corvids are loving and close with family. They are loyal mates. According to the Dr. Bernd Heinrich, mates are close to as what we think of as monogamous as any bird can be. Here is what he told Carolyn Kraft on wildthingsblog.org,

Dr. Heinrich explained that, “ravens are more monogamous than many, in the sense that the same pair may stay together for years. I have had mated pairs, and seen how they are totally uninterested in other individuals, even when a mate is not available.”

Since ravens live for more than half a century, Heinrich said that “nobody on earth has demonstrated that there was no extra-pair copulation.” And he said that in almost all the genetic investigations to check paternity of chicks of “monogamous” bird species there is quite a bit of extra-pair fertilization. “But I suspect in ravens it would be rare,” he concludes.

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