A raven in the zoo…

Raven at the Point Defiance Zoo


This was very sad, a raven at the zoo. It was in a closet-sized cage. It looked thin. Ravens are big birds, twice the size of crows. So it is even sadder to see one in the cage. I know it is probably there because it was injured and needs to live with assistance but it is still sad to see a caged bird of any kind.

4 thoughts on “A raven in the zoo…

  • This is terrible how people can lock up such a sacred creature in a cage is beyond me! I saw a raven close to us in the park and it seemed curious of people. I hope this birds curiousity didnt lead into a life of misery! They are wondrous birds and deserve their freedom!

  • I agree completely. It is so sad. =( I am not a big fan of any birds in a cage. Most birds in a zoo live in a big open space. Not that poor raven. =(

  • This raven was given to the zoo by someone who had taken him in as a pet for years, then couldn’t keep him (common issue). He couldn’t return to the wild, he’s too domesticated. He even talks. I would love to see him have a larger environment but they’re good about enrichment, he has things to do and seems quite content.

  • Wouldn’t that be so lovely!

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