Crow Tattoos

Crow inspired body art. Transformation. Intellect. Intrigue. Dark beauty.

murder of crows

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Crows invoke emotion. Inspiration. Strength. I found some excellent crow tattoos and thought I would share them with you. These are not the ONLY crow tattoos I found just some of the ones I thought worth sharing. Maybe I will continue to add posts like these every now and again.

A murder of crows forming one. Very stylistic! I love it.

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The birds are great. Albeit, they seem as if they are flying away from his armpit! They are beautiful. Escaping something, fleeing.

I would like to see the original drawings.


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These are beautiful crows. Simple, elegant. They are tasteful little tattoos. Her top is original as well. We crow lovers are unique creatures, aren’t we?

Do you think they symbolize more?

She calls this photograph “lifestream.” Crows have been around as long as life, haven’t they?

Wise old birds.


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From the man in the photo:

No one managed to guess the meaning of it, so here it is:

The birds represent 1’s. The spaces represent 0’s.

The arrangement of birds on the wires (with the flying bird) is:

01001101 01001111

01010110 01000101

Which means MOVE in binary (note for nerds: actually it translates to four numbers which represent those letters in the two most common text encodings [ASCII and UTF-8]).

If the flying bird flies away, it changes to:

01001100 01001111

01010110 01000101

Which translates to LOVE.

(Who can’t appreciate the symbolism in this tattoo?)

Murder (in progress)

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A murder in progress? =)

Nice play on words.

Excellent tattoo. I love the dark black. It doesn’t lack in detail—it represents the crow. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken of crows that have come up as black outlines, shadows. They are elusive and beautiful–majestic.

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Hrm. Immediately the violence is palpable but is it really depicting violence or intellect and inspiration? From within the girl comes a murder of crows. She is the source of the murder, a murder.

A murder of crows. Beautiful.


Originally uploaded by sylvieLS


The lines, the mess. These are crows. They fly about in a hurry often leading to the stereotypical fear and loathing of themselves.

They are beautiful but menacing at times.

Right Sleeve Progress 5

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Covered but beautiful.

This arm is a work of art, isn’t it?

Stylized, dark, gorgeous.

It is a piece of living art, this arm. Sleeved-worthy.


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Nice. Part crow part skeleton.

This is an interesting tattoo. I really like it. I am infinitely curious about the history of the corvid family and this tattoo speaks to that curiosity.

I would like to see the original art for this one as well!


Originally uploaded by TC .

And for a gorgeous finale.

This girl has two crows/ravens and her hair contrasts them well, doesn’t it?

Many crows appear almost blue black.

I wonder what kind of stories this girl would have to tell…

Some more crow tattoos worth mention but the photographer or model did not give permission to blog about them or whatnot:

Jaci Sue
, Steve Losh, Dani82CheyKu, Kapten Hanna, Sylvie and hereMonkinnabeanpod, DrowningWoman, dconley, lostlilly80, LiquidKnight, The Feng Shui Guy, and riggsmal.

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