Album / CD Covers with Crows

Crows are everywhere in our culture. We are fascinated by them. Musicians have long appreciated them as symbols of strength, mystery, intellect… even malice. Here are some of the album / cd covers we found with crows:

The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Shark & the Crow

The Sword/Witchcraft

The Sword/Witchcraft

Stone the Crows
by Stone the Crows

The Crow New Songs for the 5-String Banjo

No Crows — No Crows Live

Heat by Colder

Field of Crows by Darden Smith

Dead and Dreaming: An Indie Tribute to Counting Crows

Crows Three by Cole Kirkpatrick & Van Dijk

Crow’s Funeral by Mojave

Crows From The Closet by Foamfoot

Crows Of The World Vol 1

Crow Pot Pie by SlobberBone

A Murder of Crows by Dead Soul Tribe

Murder of Crows by Ala Zingara

Year of the Crow by State Radio

Field of Crows by Fish

Aoyama Crows by Peter

Evil Woman: The Best of Crow

Crow Classics : 1969-1972

Magpie by No Crows

If you know of other albums or cds with crows (or ravens) on the cover art — please email us at corvidcorner at g mail dot com or leave us a message to this post! Thanks!

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